Planetary communities

Planet Earth

I know that this sounds like something out of Star Trek, but we must find a better way of organizing ourselves, a better way of living together. So far we’ve obviously not been very good at choosing our leaders and holding them accountable. We’re terrible long-term thinkers and easily manipulated.

Will we, the people, ever know what to do?

Can we be trusted to self-organize?

Can we be trusted to lead ourselves?

Can we be trusted to hold ourselves accountable?

Can we develop a system that is authentic, powerful, just trustworthy, sustainable, accountable, transparent, systemically independent, unbiased and servant?

A system worth fighting for?

Are purpose-minded humans without national allegiances looking after planetary interests, i.e. one common good, a realistic proposition?

Wow, that’s a lot to ask for, isn’t it?

Could trusting, planetary tribes or communities of purpose replace nation states?

Would the disappearance of the nation state lead to national values being debunked as myths not holding up to close inspection?

Could planetary tribes be an effective counterbalance to transnational corporations, also known as corporate states?

“Nike, we made you. We can break you.”
(A 13-year old in 1997)

How realistic is a transnational redefinition of politics and democracy?

What does it mean for the state monopoly on the legitimate use of force, if modern technologies enable control without it?

How long, before this technology is monopolized?

Can we, the people, live together globally? We must, but how?

Unity? A global empire with a multi-ethnic elite and shared values?

“How can you govern a country which has 246 varieties of cheese?”
(Charles de Gaulle, general and statesman)

Are universal values, identities, rights and responsibilities, purposes, reasons for being, senses of belonging a realistic proposition?

Could we be trusted to live according to these values, principles and beliefs?

Or would they have to be enforced? By whom? By what?

Would they be eternal or would they have a shelf life?

Who would have the moral authority to change them?

A new religion?

“The only real nation is humanity.”
(Paul Farmer, anthropologist)

“The world belongs to humanity, not this leader,
that leader, kings or religious leaders.”
(Dalai Lama)

The return of the tribes in a world without borders?

“Home is not where you live, but
where they understand you.”
(Christian Morgenstern, author and poet)

Consider that deleting an account in one social network and opening a new one elsewhere is easy. Dumping one brand in favor of another is easy. Changing jobs is becoming the norm. It’s possible to convert to a new religion and it’s not so difficult to get a divorce anymore either.

What about more freedom of choice as far as the preferred place of residence around the globe is concerned, especially since the original choice wasn’t usually ours anyway?

Why is it acceptable and even expected to be mobile within national borders to find a new job, if our company goes down the drain, but less acceptable to look for a new place to live, if our country goes down the drain?

What about founding or choosing your own tribe on- and off-line?

Impossible, politicians will say. After all, we’ve never done it this way.

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