Why is our world out of balance?

Why is humanity out of balance?

Why are we out of balance?

Why are our organizational systems – political, religious and commercial – failing?

We are responsible for these failures, whether we like it or not. Ultimately, we are responsible for climate change, pollution, exploitation, waste, extermination, wars, migration, slavery, inequality, discrimination, consumerism etc. In short, we are the culprits!

Why are we letting it happen?

Are we afraid, naive, lazy, ignorant, greedy, weak or gutless?

All of the above?

Or aren’t the explanations that we’re helpless, powerless, uninformed and innocent nothing but excuses to avoid standing up and assuming personal responsibility?

Isn’t hoping for some technological invention to miraculously make all of our failings, problems and challenges disappear nothing but wishful thinking?

And if it weren’t, who (!) would invent it?

Would we expect the technology to invent itself?

Or are we finally going to do something about it? Personally?

More of the same is definitely not the answer. As human beings, we have to evolve and that implies to critically examine our general attitude, our behavior. We have to accept the responsibility for our direct and indirect actions as well as for our failures to act.

In short, we must change!

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