Human Mountain

Above the clouds

Philosophy focuses on resolving existential questions about the human condition. And this is exactly the point. We need more responsible philosophers, who must have more of a say in the “briefing” of scientists, rather than just businessmen, investors and politicians.

Only then will we be able to establish a balance of power between wisdom and skills. Just remember that the word “philosophy” comes from the Ancient Greek word “philosophia”, literally meaning “love of wisdom”. Put another way, we need to strike a balance between Silicon Valley with its high tech and – what I’ve chosen to call – “Human Mountain” with “high wisdom”.

Haven’t you ever wondered why the Gods reside on mountains in many religions, like the ancient Greek Gods residing on Mount Olympus for example?

We need a new vision that we can all believe in.

A new story which is trustworthy and just.

A new ideology capable of mobilizing humanity.

This won’t be achieved by making wisdom as profitable in financial terms as skills. Rather we have to de-commercialize life and commit to values rather than prices. We must become value-conscious more than price-conscious.

And we must fight. We must disrupt, even disturb the peace.

What peace?

Whose peace?

“No one can be good for long, if
goodness isn’t in demand.”
(Bertolt Brecht, poet and playwright)

“Virtue is a state of war and to live in it means one
always has some battle to wage against oneself.”
(Jean-Jacques Rousseau, philosopher)

We need a new model!

Do we have what it takes to close the exponentially widening gap between skills and wisdom, which has opened the door to abuse?

Where is “homo sociologicus”, the social human – first described by Ralf Dahrendorf – who acts not to pursue selfish interests, but to fulfill social roles?

Where is “homo mutandis”, the changing human?

Are we willing to fight against ourselves, as Rousseau deems necessary, in order to overcome our bad habits, our laziness and our gullibility?

Are we willing to overcome our inherent fear of the unknown, our fear of change, our fear of a different future?

Are we willing to unlearn?

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